Veronica's Happy-Ever-After Story
Veronica Beech was lost in thought about what to get her granddaughter for her upcoming 6th birthday, when out of nowhere she was hit broadside by a truck running a red light.  The 55-year old grandmother was life-flighted to the nearest hospital where doctors induced a coma in an attempt to save her life.  Since they had never discussed with her what she would want in the event of a medical emergency, Veronica's husband and children were forced to make agonizing critical care decisions on her behalf.  After 8 days of hovering near death, Veronica unexpectedly awoke to make an almost complete recovery.  She would never again take life or her family's health for granted.  So one night not long after returning home, she sat everyone in her family down to have the tough, but necessary conversation concerning their own individual wishes in case of a medical emergency or end of life care.  She wanted them to have the chance to write the best possible ending to their own life stories.  And as it turned out, this was the best possible gift she could give her family and grandchildren.