Who Needs An Advance Directive?

It's never too early to change your story.

One misconception is that an advance directive is only something you need as you move to retirement age.  But that is simply not true. Some of the most poignent stories we've heard are from young people in their teens and twenties.

Sure, talking with your loved ones concerning your care wishes can be scary and uncomfortable, but even more scary and uncomfortable is not having one and putting others in the difficult position of having to make critical decisions for you. Perhaps there'll never be a better time than right now to have the conversation and express your wishes.  

Here are just a few of the occasions that move Tennesseans to have "the conversation" with their family and friends and create their own advance directive.
When they become a parent
When the family is all together
When they get married
When there's a death in the family
When they redo their wills
When they get the keys to the car